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        • High-Speed Machining from Billet

As lead times get shorter and shorter, you can turn to our rapid prototyping capabilities to get your project finished on schedule. Using our RP technology and experience, we can supply you with temporary tooling for castings, functional parts, and visualization aids. Central Pattern offers three solutions to your rapid prototyping needs: the Helisys LOM™ machine, the 3D Systems Actua™ machine, and high-speed CNC machining of various materials.

Helisys LOMThe Helisys LOM™ machine produces parts made of layers of paper joined with a heat sensitive adhesive. These parts have a look and feel similar to wood. They can be used for functional prototypes, visualization aids, and as prototype pattern equipment.


3D Systems ActuaThe 3D Systems Actua™ machine produces parts made of a wax material. These parts have a feel similar to plastic and are generally off-white in color (other colors are available). They can be used as visualization aids or as prototype pattern equipment. They can also be used as wax patterns in investment casting processes.

Using high-speed machining on our CNC mills, we can manufacture rapidly produced parts from billets of steel, aluminum, plastic, and other materials.

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